Free eBook Reveals: How to Unlock the Power of VO2 Testing to Increase Performance Gains

Discover the game changing performance metrics your fitness watch can’t tell you – so you can unearth the techniques peak performance athletes are using to run faster and farther, work out harder, and push athletic limits.

“Gone are the days of guesswork in prescribing training plans, tracking recovery, and balancing the caloric throughput.” – Dr Garry Palmer

From the test facility of Dr Garry Palmer PHD

Listen, I’d be the first to admit that I’d be pretty lost without my Garmin. The last time I did a triathlon without mine on my wrist, I put in one of my worst times in years. 

But when it comes to your athletic performance, or the performance of your team, your fitness watch only tells you part of the story.

If you’re serious about unlocking the next level of performance gains, tracking your heart rate isn’t going to cut it. As soon as you get past the level of hobbyist, and start to strive for excellence, we need to look beyond the traditional metrics.

That’s where VO2 performance comes into play.

Put simply, it’s about taking out the guesswork and bringing a fully scientific approach to your training.

The studies demonstrating the performance impact of understanding and training to improve VO2 Max levels are vast. But beyond increasing performance, the ‘hands on’ data removes the guesswork and helps prevent overtraining

My partners in Canada have spent the past 9 years researching this stuff, and they’ve compiled their findings into this detailed eBook. I’m pretty sure they sell this thing for a few dollars in Canada, but they’ve given me permission to send you a copy on the house. 

Just enter your name and email below and I’ll ping a copy across to you.

Whether you’re just entering the world of competitive sports, or you’ve got some qualifications under your belt, I think you’ll find their findings pretty interesting. And remember, it’s not going to cost you a penny (although I imagine that will change in the not too distant future!).