VO2 Master

Better accuracy with training zones to deliver a higher level of coaching and training plans.

Able to provide a better depth of knowledge on athlete physiology in performance to stand out.
Garry Palmer
Doctor and Athlete

Continually monitor performance changes

Are you looking to take your athletes to the next level? Fully integrate sports science with your training programmes by using the depth of precise scientific data that the VO2 Master will reveal about your athlete’s physiology.

By undertaking laboratory grade analysis of your athletes performance in either a controlled setting (using a VO2max ramp protocol), in training, or even in a simulated competitive environment, will provide you with a greater insight of the performance gains open to your athletes to help improve on current fitness levels. With scientifically backed data using the VO2 Master, you can open dialogue with your athletes and give them further understanding on what they need to achieve, and how to adapt their training.

Physiological testing can be undertaken frequently as a part of regular training sessions (rather than requiring visits to specialist sports science laboratories) to regularly track where changes in regimens need to be updated or altered, or to ensure optimal performance is being achieved.

Develop your training plans and coaching ability with better accuracy of training zones, getting greater success rates with each session. Your athletes will see improvements on results through a wider range of data, giving them more motivation to work harder, and giving you maximum results as a coach.

Can you afford not to be maximising your athletes potential?

Small changes can mean the difference between success and failure in elite sport. 

The VO2 Master offers an accurate but still cost-effective way of monitoring ever-changing athlete physiology.   Whether it is ensuring a player is warming up properly pre-match; is working at an appropriate intensity to achieve ideal body composition; or is training smart when returning from injury, the VO2 Master will soon be part of the day-to-day life of the elite athlete and medical support staff.

This easy to use and fully portable device can be used at home, in the gym, at the training ground or competition venue to ensure the athlete is in prime fitness for performance.  When travelling at home or to overseas competitions and training camps, the VO2 Master is small enough to go in hand luggage (at only 220g) and without the need for specialist calibration procedures, the results can easily and quickly be shared by the intuitive app, so that coaching staff can provide a last minute insight into training or pre-competition routines.

Don’t let your competition get the edge over you.