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100% portable VO2 analyser


Easy to use Apps


Automated reporting

for Athletes, Coaches, Education and sports organisations

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VO2 Master

Whether you are lab-based, in the stadium, on the move or out on the road the VO2 Master offers a simple, accurate method of assessing exercise intensity, without the additional bulk of backpacks, messy cables and hoses.  Measuring ventilation and oxygen uptake on a breath-by-breath basis, the VO2 Master analyser ensures you can get the best information about your physiology in a wide variety of settings, regardless of your requirements.

  • Performance Testing
  • VO2 Max + Training Zones
  • Resting Metabolic Testing
  • No backpacks, cables, or hoses
Dr Garry Palmer VO2 Testing

for Athletes, Coaches, Education and sports organisations

Fitness and metabolic assessment

Powerful and Simple Data Collection

Rapidly collect data and analyse physiological data from a multitude of sensors to gain an accurate insight into physiological responses during exercise and physical activity. Produce rapid PDF reports, export raw CSV data, or summary data with all trends on a time interval of your choosing. Integrate with a wide variety of Bluetooth devices

  • VO2 Master
  • Heart Rate
  • Cycling and Running Power
  • Speed & Cadence
  • Mucles Oxygenation
  • GPS
Simple & Easy to Use

Mobile Apps

The VO2 Master App is both easy to use and full of features to help collect and keep track of your data. Send your data to your coach or download them as PDF files for sharing as required.

It will connect with a wide variety of other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as the MOXY system, STRYD running power, and many other heart rate and power measuring systems.

Compatible with both Apple and Android phones. Download using the links below.

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How to Purchase

Stanley Sports are the official UK importer and distributor of the VO2 Master Analyser. We are authorised to sell and support your VM Pro system in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and the Channel Islands. To arrange a demonstration, and discuss your needs further, please contact us. To purchase the VO2 Master or accessories please click below.

VO2 Max Testing

Why Choose Vo2 Master

Whether you are looking to improve your own fitness, work in an education sector, or work with athletes and clients for fitness or weight loss the VO2 Master will provide you with a wealth of opportunity to enhance your knowledge and give you an edge.


VO2 Master is for organisations and individuals looking to personalise their training and better understand their physiology.


Meet clients on site


Easy to maintain


Personalized zones


Presice data


Add-on service


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